0820 Dermatology (Skin System/Scar) (Stream 1) - 20 August 2019

6 modules

Course Length
150 mins

Michael Leung



IMPORTANT NOTE: This Stream 1 module requires you to also complete Core (Stream 1) to become an approved assessor. 

Venue: AMA House - 293 Royal Parade, Parkville.

This is a Stream 1 module and it’s designed for doctors that have never successfully completed the Dermatology Stream 1 module and do not hold this accreditation. Accreditation requires you to attend the session as well as successfully completing the module assessment.

Successful completion of the module will actually lead to awarding of one accreditation

  1. Dermatology ( Skin System/Scar)

If you have already successfully completed this module and you want to undertake continuing education, please go back to the homepage and enrol in Dermatology (Skin System/Scar) update (Stream 2).

Module information

This module covers the methodology in the Guides for evaluating permanent impairment of the skin and its appendages.

The module is mostly covers Chapter 13 of the Guides but does include how and when to refer to certain other part of the Guides (including part of Chapter 9) to assess facial impairment.

The module covers

  • The assessment of skin as organ system which includes assessments of scars (including surgical scar), burns, skin grafts, and stumps, but also includes dermatological conditions such as dermatitis.
  • The approach to evaluation the impact of a skin condition on activities of daily living.
  • The approach to then considering what symptoms and signs or skin disorder may be present, whether these will change with treatment, and the extent of any treatment that may be required.
  • The use of part of Chapter 9 to assess facial impairment.
  • The approach to be taken where other parts of the Guides may also be used to assess the effect of certain skin conditions.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Dermatology (Skin System/Scar) Module of Impairment Assessment Training

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Facilitated Session at 293 Royal Parade Parkville

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